From a modest operation with only a handful of clients back in 1992, we are today a full-fledged, fully accredited advertising agency, offering advertising, marketing, branding and public relations services to a diverse stable of clients ranging from Retail, F&B, FMCG, Education, Industrial, Property to Leisure and Entertainment.

As a one-stop solutions provider, we’ll unleash your service or product’s fullest potential with practical concepts, creative media buys, marketing strategies
and more...

RED is the colour of Revolution
Revolutionize your approach with cutting-edge ideas to make customers sit up and take notice of your product or service.
Sow With Us And You'll Reap
Savour the sweet fruits of success in your partnership with us. We'll plant the ideas. You watch the sales progress!
It's Crunch Time
Crunch time is the time for action. So, if you're hungry for change, take a bite at what we're offering and discover how appetizing our ideas are.
Stretch Your Dollar
As an accredited Advertising Agency to the major media, you’ll enjoy the same media rates offered by the media owners, including ALL the media discounts released by them. However with us, you'll discover the sweetness of enjoying more...