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"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.
Only you know what you're doing, but nobody else does."
Stuart H Britt
Marketing Guru
What is the difference between Marketing Communications, Corporate Communications, Branding, Advertising and Promotions?
Marketing Communications (also known as Marcom) is information that is used to communicate with the market. Generally, marketing communications focuses on the general behaviour and the perceptions of your product or service, positioning, demand generation, disseminating information where and when it is most suitable.
Corporate Communications, on the other hand, deals with issues regarding the organization itself, disseminating information such as management views, changes in management, HR issues, profit and loss, etc to staff, investors, stakeholders, the general public and the media.
An Advertising Campaign comprises a series of advertisements that carry a similar theme and message that appears in different media over a specific period of time. The objective of such a campaign is to inform and educate your audience. The central message in the advertisement persuades the reader to try the product or service advertised. The duration of the advertising campaign depends on the available media budget, as well as the form of media you choose such as Press, Radio, Magazines, Outdoor, etc.
Above The Line Promotion refers to the direct mention of the product/service via paid advertisements in the media (TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, etc).
A Branding Campaign involves planning, creating, executing, managing and launching your brand identity. It may involve a revamp of the current design for an already existing product/service, or creating a new packaging design for a totally new product. It is similar to an advertising campaign where the purpose is to inform the target audience of its availability. With the internet, online branding has become a large part of the marketing mix.
Below The Line Promotion includes all other promotions such as Direct Mail, Trade/Road Shows, Public Relations, Sponsorships, Product Placement, Endorsements, Sales Promotions, Merchandising, etc. The 4 variables that is, Product Marketing, Pricing, Distribution and Promotions create a promotional mix or promotion plan. A promotion mix determines the order of importance of the various promotions, and the resources needed to be allocated to it.
A promotional plan can have several objectives including sales increases, new product acceptance, creating brand equity, positioning, competitive retaliation, corporate image creation, etc.


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