We Want To Be The Apple Of Your Eye
Our successful track record in employing strategic and tactical campaigns directed at the increasingly sophisticated customers, will result in enhanced image profiles and profitable bottom lines, that'll soon make us the apple of your eye.
An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Our prescription is designed to remedy any doubts that customers may have, ensuring that the image and message you intend to project, is precise and clear.
Apple-Pie Order
We're a results-oriented advertising and marketing communications agency whose aim is to work hand in hand with clients to ensure that everything operates in clockwork fashion, for achievable and demonstrable results.
The Apple's Discovery
When the apple fell on Newton's head, it sparked a creative force that led to the discovery of the laws of gravity. And by casting your load upon us, we'll be similarly inspired to make creative discoveries.


Red Apple Slices That'll Turn Others Green With Envy.
REDefining The Message - Getting Tactical
If your message is not getting through to the consumer, it's time to re-define your message and re-deliver it to the right target audience.
REDress The Look - Corporate Branding
If other competitive products/services seem to be doing better than your brand, it may be necessary to re-look at how your corporate/product/service image can be heightened.
REDiscovering Fresh Perspectives - Employing New Mediums/Strategies
While Print and Broadcast media may remain the staple of advertising campaigns, other mediums such as Digital media via online marketing on the internet, SMS and many other avenues are becoming more commonly used.
REDeveloping The Strategy - Marketing Communications
Feel that the performance of your product or service can be better? Whether it’s for the short haul, or medium to long term, we can consolidate its performance, and take it to the next level.
REDiversifying The Media Budget - Achieving Cost Efficiency
Whether you choose TV, Radio, Outdoor, Digital or Print Media, it’s important to realize that not all media platforms offer optimal reach in disseminating your message. Depending on your product or service, some media offer better reach and cost efficiency compared to others. If your current end-result can neither justify nor warrant the expenditure, over a given period of time, it's important to re-examine the media selection.
REDouble The Impact of Your Message - Through Editorials & Joint Promos
Our working relationship with the media has been time-tested and proven. We can suss out the right angle to project the USPs of your product/service and draw out its newsworthy content to ensure you enjoy Extra Mileage in the Press. We can even arrange special joint promotions with the media to double the effectiveness of your campaign.